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Andura Coatings - Largest textured Coatings manufacturer in UK. Trading for 35 years.

7 Stage Process

Stage 1 Cleaning

Jetwash all surfaces for treatment then apply biocide to eliminate further growth.
All loose/delaminated paintwork is removed as required.
Cleaning enables us to identify damage.

Stage 2. Site protection

Mask all doorways, windows, pipework and driveways to make sure site is free from any risk of coating getting into places it shouldn't be!

Stage 3. Repair & Restoration

The next stage is repair all damaged & worn surfaces, reinstating with the appropriate materials.
Damaged render is removed and all cracks are hacked out. Great care is taken towards minimising the visibility of the repair.
Previous unpainted brickwork can be bag rubbed with an SBR mortar mix to disguise imperfections
whilst retaining the natural brick appearance.

Stage 4. Cement coat application

Here The cement coat is applied.
This will repair any cracks previously exposed from the previous 2 steps to make sure that the textured coats will be applied evenly.
This also adds an extra l;ayer of weatherproofing and protection to the building.

Stage 5. Primer/Slushcoat application

Classic Primer or Slush are high quality base coats designed to be used on masonry surfaces.
Applied prior to the final application of CLASSIC 21.
This provides excellent adhesion and weather proofing.

Stage 6. Application

Applied by using specialist spray equipment, Andura CLASSIC 21 is sprayed onto the the surfaces.
A minimum of 1.2 litres of Andura CLASSIC 21is applied to every square metre.
The Andura CLASSIC 21 textured finish helps conceal any repair work and dries to a beautiful uniform finish.

Stage 7. Tidy up

The coating process is now complete.
Here we remove all traces of the work, unmask the piping and windows etc,
leaving you to enjoy your beautifully restored home!
High performance product.


Ordinary paints soon become brittle and this often results in chipping, flaking & peeling.
Andura CLASSIC 21, when applied to correctly prepared surfaces in accordance with Anduras recommendations,
remains flexible and will not chip flake or peel.

Mould resistant

Ordinary paints quickly lose their resistance to mould and algae.
Andura CLASSIC 21 contains fungicides resulting in superb mould & Algae resistance.

Alkali Resistant

All Cementious surfaces contain alkali and this can soon break down conventional paint.
The Andura CLASSIC 21 System has outstanding resistance to Alkali.

Resists Acid rain Chemical attack & pollution

CLASSIC 21 has excellent resistance to acid rain and resists the penetration of carbon dioxide
which can cause carbonation, a process which damages reinforced concrete.